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CAPE HERSTORIAN is a specialized consultancy that has expertise in property history. Interest in the multiple layering of human history on the landscape stands at the heart of the skills set: from how the property fits within the wider setting of the landscape, to the buildings and architectural features, and most importantly the stories of the people who have lived and worked on the land through time.

Broadly, the interest in landscape covers all aspects of Southern African history from our human origins in deeper time through the Stone Ages, indigenous habitation, colonial settlement, the role and influences of slaves, the effects and stories of apartheid and processes of transformation in a democratic South Africa.

Cape Herstorian Heritage Consultancy is headed up by Tracey Randle whose skills and expertise are based on five years of academic training and over a decade of experience in the field working with varied properties and clients.

Read more about Tracey Randle in the About page and her work on the Projects & Clients page.