Spier is a historic wine farm in the Cape winelands. It was one of the very first farms to be established in Stellenbosch in 1692. Its rich cultural heritage includes a restored Manor House, an impressive collection of Cape Dutch gables and the oldest dated wine cellar in the country.

1767-b 1778-Jonkershuis delft    1825-Slavebell

Spier possesses a layering of history spanning millions of years. Modern day wine farmers, early colonists, indigenous inhabitants and even humans millions of years ago have chosen to settle here because of access to water. Hennie Vos found scatters of Acheulean stone artefacts all over the farm, some in specific concentrations. Landscape and natural features very much affect the ‘sense of place’ of Spier with commentators reflecting on its peaceful tranquility of river, flora and built environment for almost a century. The long association of agricultural production on the farm strengthens its cultural significance. Spier represents the beginning of the settlement of the Stellenbosch region as it is known to have been one of the first farms to be established along the Eerste River.

Tracey’s study of Spier involved investigating the chronological sequence of the property’s history and architecture with the aim to identify significant and historically sensitive areas.

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