1760 Map Cape of Good Hope Western Cape Archives and Records Service M1/338  Zandvliet Deed of Grant, Western Cape Archives and Records Service. CTD Vol.16 No.272  'Slave woman suckling a child' by Lady Anne Barnard. National Library of South Africa.    Malay Washerwomen by Charles Bell. Brenthurst Library. Charles Bell Conservation Trust.   De Visch Shipwreck 1740 by Jurgen Leeuwenberg. National Library of South Africa.

Tracey Randle has extensive experience working in the Western Cape Archives Repository, the Deeds Office and various other local and national libraries and archives in Cape Town. She has also worked remotely and on-site at other archives in South Africa, and with archives and libraries around the world should this be required.

With the help of email and technology she is able to work long distance both with her clients and for research purposes – the internet is a perfect vehicle for exchanging concepts and ideas.  In the age of online archives, collections and library catalogs she is able to access information with speed and efficiency building on her decade of knowledge and contacts in the field.

Tracey has an attention for detail, an inquisitiveness to dig deeper and seeks out the narrative stories from our past. She is especially interested in the lives of women, slaves and indigenous people.

Whether for property research, family histories, coffee table books, exhibitions, or research for product development, there is no task too big or small that Tracey cannot undertake. She works in tandem with her clients as the research is underway to make sure the process is transparent, findings are shared and discussion for further phases are clearly defined as and when desired. Research is undertaken with the greatest discretion, especially if required for legal disputes. 

Tracey Randle offers innovative and dynamic ideas and concept development for how the research uncovered can be utilized for exhibitions, books and other products to help a wider public connect to the past and your company.

To contact her or make and enquiry, click here 

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