Mount Joy Logo Beautiful Mount Joy Farm with its manor house, magnificent garden and acres of orchards is the biggest producer of plums in the Banhoek Valley, and it has an interesting history.

The farm’s beginnings lie tangled with the very first land grants in the Banhoek valley. The various components that constitute Mount Joy represent over 300 years of farming history. Many of the portions overlap directly in the heart of the grant of the 120 morgen freehold farm Zevenrivieren to Pleunis and Malmer in 1708. Investigation into the various owners of the first three Banhoek farms of Zorgvliet, Zevenrivieren and Bethlehem show webs of social and familial connection where the landscape is not just a geographical place, but a socially connected space.

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They grow 20 varieties of plums, mainly for the export market. After packing, the plums are containerised and shipped overseas from Cape Town harbour. Mount Joy seeks to ensure the sustainability of their fruit farming operation. They strive to develop and implement farming practices which guarantee the production of quality fruit while reducing the dependence on chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, thereby protecting the environment.

Importantly they ensure that their labour practices are fair and that the stewardship of human resources includes the provision of acceptable working and living conditions.

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