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The Music van de Caab exhibition explores some of the multi-layered roots of rural Cape music. From human development to indigenous, slave, African, European, and modern cross-cultural influences, the display showcases how rich the musical traditions of the Cape are.

Alongside a more traditional exploration of the various themes and content through information being printed on hanging glass panels suspended from the ceiling, the display in general is aimed to be very dynamic. The exhibition includes three Custom ‘Through-the-glass touch screen ’ with audio and visual content designed to bring to life various elements of the display: from indigenous instruments and music, to world influences on Cape music and video interviews with present day musicians.

The indigenous instruments on display are designed to be interactive replicas, based on musical instruments from the University of Cape Town’s Kirby collection. Visitors are encouraged to pick these instruments up, try them out and have them demonstrated by the exhibition guide. The aim is to bring music and our musical heritage to life.

In addition to a formal exhibition space which includes interactive displays of indigenous instruments as well as hand-made replicas of these, the centre also includes an indigenous instrument workshop, where local musicians make and play these indigenous instruments.

For more information on the Music project and exhibition click here

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