Hayden, Susan & Phillips, Keith. Beautiful Banhoek. Keith Phillips Publishing. 2015.

Despite its extraordinary natural beauty, the Banhoek Valley outside Stellenbosch remains relatively unknown. Yet few regions in South Africa can claim such a rich and fascinating history, from the arrival of early settlers, slaves and farmers through to the present day.

In this valley, some of the finest examples of early Cape Dutch architecture and buildings are contrasted with ultra-modern, enormously sophisticated wineries. In addition, some of the earliest villages established by freed slaves are a reminder of the country’s dark past.

The book represents a visual feast of photographs of the Valley, depicting all its industry – from its expansive vineyards, olive groves, orchards, livestock and fynbos producers to state-of-the-art wineries and restaurants.

Beautiful Banhoek is a tribute to the people of the Valley, the landowners, the entrepreneurs and the people who work the land.

For more details, or to order, visit the book’s website:

For the book Tracey Randle compiled a brief history of the Banhoek Valley, the surrounding area, its people and their communities.  

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