logowebSolms-Delta is much more than a wine estate. Located 15km outside the village of Franschhoek in the heart of the Cape Winelands, this magnificent wine estate produces classical wines with a difference…Whether through their wine, music, cuisine, environment, or simply through their museums, Solms-Delta’s heartfelt mission is to embrace and celebrate all that it means to be South African.

Solms-Delta is known as one of the country’s most progressive wine estates – and one that generates real results. In 2005, the Solms family established the Wijn de Caab Trust to benefit the 200 historically disadvantaged residents and employees of the Solms-Delta wine estate. The Wijn de Caab Trust now has a 33% equity stake in Solms-Delta, and the profit from wine sales has been used to build and refurbish decent and comfortable homes for the workers and their families, create recreational facilities, and provide myriad other social services (including private education and healthcare) that benefit all.

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A major part of the transformation of the farm was the process of unearthing and honouring the historical and cultural legacies of all the people who lived on the farm through time. Tracey Randle was involved in this process from the very beginning, from the initial research stage to the conception and production of two exhibitions which you can read more about below.


The social history of the 325-year-old Solms-Delta wine estate is displayed in a museum in the original wine cellar, dating back to 1740. This is a few yards from an excavated Later Stone Age settlement site, and the exposed foundations of a 1680s hunting lodge, one of the oldest buildings in the Cape. From its … Continue reading MUSEUM VAN DE CAAB


   The Music van de Caab exhibition explores some of the multi-layered roots of rural Cape music. From human development to indigenous, slave, African, European, and modern cross-cultural influences, the display showcases how rich the musical traditions of the Cape are. Alongside a more traditional exploration of the various themes and content through information being … Continue reading MUSIC VAN DE CAAB